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LA Based Performer



Ian Gibson is a fun-loving and extremely dedicated singer, actor, and dancer from Irvine, California. He began his artistic journey early in life, playing various instruments from the guitar all the way to the saxophone. Since falling in love with theater in high school, he has developed into a truly polished singer, dancer, actor, multi-instrumentalist, and even songwriter. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

Ian moved to Los Angeles to pursue a BA in Theater from UCLA’s Ray Bolger Musical Theater Program, where he has been a part of multiple main-stage and student-led productions as an actor, musician, and even music director. He is so excited to embark on this next chapter of his life and begin collaborating with new incredible artists and creatives, and hopes to perform stories and music with the same love and dedication as he had watching them as a kid. 

Outside of Musical Theater, Ian is a complete nerd. He enjoys playing video games, producing his own music, thrifting, and hiking through forests after it rains. He still loves his instruments, and is prone to geeking out on music software and old emulator pokémon games in his free time. 

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